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Common Terms Used When Applying For A Poor Credit Auto Loan In Spokane.

Buy-Here, Pay-Here – This refers to any car purchase that is dealer financed. Parker Auto Credit offers a variety of poor credit auto loan options in Spokane and the surrounding area. We are strictly regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other entities to ensure your protection and we will help you improve your credit rating when you purchase through Parker Auto Credit.

Co-Signer – Any adult person who signs a car loan agreement with the actual loan applicant in order to help that individual get better financing. The co-signer will be legally required to pay off the debt if the applicant fails to do so.

Credit History – A comprehensive record of any payments made toward debts as well as the debts themselves. Loan providers use this information to determine how risky it will be to loan an individual money. If you acquire a poor credit auto loan in Spokane through Parker Auto Credit, we will report your regular payments to the various credit bureaus in order to improve your credit history.

Down Payment – The amount of money a buyer pays up front in toward the purchase. This is not a part of the auto loan, but it will affect the overall size of the loan. Meaning lower monthly payments.

Term Length – The length of time needed to pay off your auto loan in full. At the end of the term, the vehicle must be paid off.

Trade-In – A car that is turned in to an auto dealer as all or part of the down payment toward another car purchase.

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