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Buy Car With Bad Credit Idaho

About Parker Auto Credit and Auto Buy-Here Pay-Here Loans in Idaho

Parker Auto Credit offers the ideal solution to buying a car and re-establishing or repairing your credit history because we offer consumers interested in purchasing an auto a buy-here pay-here solution that gives them the chance to obtain financing even if their credit history is bad or non-existent. What makes our auto buy-here pay-here Idaho dealership the answer for so many people who need a car but can’t get financing elsewhere? Several things:
  • You can avoid using traditional banks or savings and loans that may turn you down
  • You can make easy, weekly payments rather than having to come up with a large sum of money for a monthly payment at the end of the month, when cash flow may be low
  • Our customer service and sales professionals can help you find a car at Parker Auto Credit that fits your lifestyle as well as your budget
  • We offer better trade-in values than most other car dealerships
  • You can fill out our easy, online loan application and know immediately how much you can afford to spend at our auto buy-here pay-here in Idaho
  • Idaho drivers can get immediate approval in many instances so that they don’t have to wait before shopping for a used car or truck.

With Auto Buy-Here Pay-Here, Idaho Car Loans Are Affordable And Flexible

One of the first questions we’re asked by drivers looking for a vehicle at Parker Auto Credit is, “What affects the amount of my weekly payment?” There are several factors we take into consideration, including:
  • Your credit history (don’t worry, even if it’s bad, we’ll get you the best possible financing through our network of lenders)
  • The make, model and year of the car you want to buy
  • The trade-in value of your current vehicle (we understand the value of a used car and will offer better terms at our auto buy-here pay here Idaho dealership than you’ll find elsewhere)
  • The amount of your down payment and how much you choose to finance.
At Parker Auto Credit, our system of auto buy-here, pay-here in Idaho eliminates third party lenders and offers generous trade-ins to keep your payments affordable. We’re proud of our ability to offer you the best possible financing through our extensive network of lending institutions so that you can soon be on the road without damaging your credit. And we’ll report every payment you make to the credit bureaus so that you can recover financially sooner than you thought possible. What are you waiting for? Fill out our loan application page now and find out just how much car you can afford at Parker Auto credit!

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Why Parker Auto Credit?

We offer borrowing opportunities that traditional banks can’t.

Take advantage of our high trade-in values, superior customer service and smaller, easier weekly loan payments and apply now for a no or bad credit auto loan.

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